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28 April
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♣ facts

» Laura
» 23 years old
» needs her loved ones close around her
» is just living her life
» wants to make her dreams come true
» wants a fairytale ending even if she knows it is not possible
» needs to be taken as she is
» shy
» romantic
» addicted to assholes
» often talks way too much
» is fun to hang out with
» can laugh the whole day & about almost everything
» break her ♥ and she'll break your neck
hates ♦

» boredom
» heartache
» heartbreakers
» liars
» disrespect & racism
» fakers
♥ loves

» her friends & family ♥
» candy
» to make people laugh
» people who can make her laugh
» the girly stuff like shopping, make up and so on
» music
» to laugh but needs to cry from time to time
» animals (but not all of them)
» berlin
» america
» honesty
» walking in the rain
» spongebob
» boys who sparkle -> forget the prince with a horse I want a vampire with a volvo ♥
» the backstreet boys
» heffalump
» robert pattinson
» horrormovies
» her rabbit
» graphic design
» daisies
» fireflies
» sleeping
» twilight
» disney movies
» christmas
favorites ♠

» a groupie wasn't such a bad thing it just meant that you wanted or admired something you saw in someone else

» the backstreet boys
» nick carter
» hannah Montana
» twilight
» robert pattinson
» ashley greene
» kristen stewart
» spongebob
» michael Jackson
» drake & josh
» taylor swift
» miley cyrus
» hanson
» bon jovi
» titanic
» high school musical
» zac efron
» leonardo dicaprio
» aaron carter
» thomas dekker
» summer glau
» britney
» jesse mccartney
» terminator scc
» soundtracks
» justin bieber
» muse
» paul walker

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